Advertising Forum Rules

These rules apply to the following forums:

Shared & Reseller Hosting

In order to post in WHFís Advertising Forums you need to agree to the following:

You *MUST* have at least 25 posts (we will delete and infract those that write fluff posts in order to boost post count)

  • You are allowed to post once a week (7 days)

  • You must have been a member for at least 7 days before posting

  • When posting you must abide by General Forum Rules

  • No unlimited offers whatsoever - your hosting should have physical limits as your server does

  • Please donít bash others or hijack otherís posts

  • We do allow coloring, 2 colors max - letís keep things easy to read

  • And last but not least, please post your post in the correct sub-forum.

Following these rules will keep your time here stress (and infract) free.