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What Does A Domain Name Registrar Do?

If you are interested in creating a website then you will need the services of a domain name registrar to help you register your website’s domain name. A domain name registrar is a company that provides domain name reservation and registration services, so that you can acquire your own unique domain name for your website, regardless of whether you have bought hosting for it.

What’s a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

A Top Level Domain (also know as a TLD) is the extension on the end of a web address that is broadly used to determine the origin or content of a specific website. The most well known TLD is .com, which is officially meant for commercial websites but has become the de facto TLD across most of the internet. It is not the only TLD however and is in fact only one of many available.

The benefits of Joomla hosting

In the world of Web analytics, Joomla hosting is an unfamiliar name to many people. It is simply an award-winning software program with efficient content management for creating applications. The primary function of Joomla hosting features content publication on the Internet as well as Intranet. But the best thing about Joomla hosting is its free availability and versatile uses.

Website Builders

The role of browser based website builders in helping people to design and create their websites has been extremely important ever since the web started to become mainstream, over a decade ago. The main reason for this is that coding websites by hand is relatively difficult and only an option for the most experienced of coders. As such, an easier alternative was needed and this is why website builders were developed.

What is a Web server?

A Web server is the means by which data is transferred to the Internet. Usually this data is organized in the form of a website which can be found by typing in the address of a particular URL into an Internet browser. Although this is the commercial use of a Web server, there are many other uses for the technology that are more technical in nature. However, for the business world, a Web server can be considered a vehicle by which a private website can be published.

What is Webspace?

Webspace is the number one most important aspect of choosing a web hosting company to help distribute your website content across the Internet. If a web hosting company does not have the appropriate amount of webspace to properly host your website on its Web server, there is no way around it: You will never stop having problems trying to view and change your website online.

How to host your own website

For most people, one of the reasons for creating a website is to have as many Web surfers as possible view its content. To accomplish this, the first thing you need to do is upload the website to the Internet. This is done by using a webhosting service that enables surfers to view your website by storing it on Web server that has a constant connection to the Internet.

An Introduction to Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the use of a remote web server to accept, store and retrieve computer files that can be accessed from anywhere in the world that an Internet connection is available. “Cloud Hosting” has become a popular term of late. It has its origins in the representation of the Internet, or a larger wide-area computer network, as a cloud on network topology maps.

Basic Information About Domains

A domain is essentially the name of a website, and choosing the right one can have many long-term benefits. There are many ways to register a domain name, and many web hosting companies include this service in their packages. Prices for domain registration generally reflect the popularity or demand of a particular name. Extensions that end with .com tend to cost more than others, and it is important to choose one that aligns with the theme or purpose of a particular website.