View Full Version : IRC DDOS Protected 3 Left just $99

10-03-2007, 07:19 AM
Hello users, we had left 3 Special IRC DDOS Servers.

AMD 3200+
160 GB HDD
64 IPS ddos protected
Network Port 100MB/s traffic 2000GB
RDNS Panel.
Remote Reboot
FreeBSD 6.2 Managed(only for FreeBSD)
Setup: Ready in 10 minutes after payment confirmation (servers are aleardy in stock with FreeBSD 6.2 any change may take 24hours for reinstall)

Special IRC Features:
menu => shows user menu
getpsy => setup-psybnc => installs psyBNC
getegg => installs and configures eggdrop a&a version
getmuh => installs Muh
getmech => install mech & emech

html vhosts scripts with real statistics on server http

ROOT SCRIPTS (mostly for IRC shells usage)
abused => suspend accounts
blocknow => block an ip address from the firewall
checkbg => check background proccesses
checkconn => check connections
checkpsybnc => check number of users in psyBNCs
delpsybnclog => delete psybnclogs
detectcpu => detect high cpu usage
openfiles => shows open files
private => create private vhost
pvhosts => shows private vhost list
security => checks security (suid/guid etc)
startallbouncers => start all bouncers of the server
startalleggdrops => start all eggdrops of the server
startallmuh => start all muh of the server
startallmech => start all emechs of the server
stats => create stats
unabuse => unsuspend accounts
vhostsgen => generate vhost list

for order contact me to admin@redrack.eu
Payment Options : Western Union , Money Gram , Paypal, Credit Card, Moneybookers