View Full Version : Dual Opteron / 2GB Ram / 1TB Traffic or 10Mbit Flatrate / Loc. FFM/Germany

08-26-2006, 01:08 PM
Dear webhostingforum.com reader,

we would like to offer you:

Dual Opteron 244 ( 2* 1,8 Ghz, 1mb l2 per cpu)
2GB Ram
Tyan Mainboard
2* 160GB SATA HD (can be configured as soft-raid)

Location: FFM/German
Connectivity: 1GBit Decix, 1GBit Cogent, 100MBit backup

100MBits Switchport, 1TB Traffic OR 10MBit Switchport, Flatrate
All Switches have 1GBits Uplinks so there will always be the maximum Port Speed available!

Monthly: 180,00 €
Setup: 180,00 €

We are having an 64Bit Rescue Gentoo Linux On Demand if you are in need of one. We can also offer Backup Space on our Raid5 Server.

If you are looking for Servers with a different Hardware Configuration please contact us!


Moritz Krinke

Dedicated & Gameserver Hosting since 2004
Tel.: +49 40 5519828